This is a page where we feature some of the most inspiring people in the online fitness community, looking at those who have made transformations in their lives, and also provided support to others.

Luke Starbuck & Kat Penfold, Four Hour Body Couple

Luke and Kat run what is arguably the most popular blog in the Four-Hour Body community. What started as a blog tracking their own progress has grown into a massive and very well-organized online resource that provides a front door, and easy access into what can  otherwise be a complicated amount of information, whether it's getting tips and cheat sheets on the finer points of a diet, reading first-hand accounts of how to integrate different workout programs into your life, or just getting ideas for tasty meals you can make for dinner tonight. Check out the Four-Hour Body Couple website yourself, and see if you don't agree with us.

We love Luke and Kat because they demonstrate how transformative good nutrition and exercise can be to the rest of your life. Check out their profile page.

Justin Hamade - My Four Hour Body Diary

When Tim Ferriss wanted to show his twitter followers the effects of following his Four-Hour Body to the letter for 100 days he tweeted out photos of Justin Hamade to his 300,000+ followers. Motivated by the birth of his son to set a good example, Justin made amazing progress by following his diet and training routine to the letter. Since then he's kept up his progress by finding new strategies that work for him and his family, and become known as the paleo guy in the 4HB community.

By working hard to be an inspiration to his son and wife, Justin has become an inspiration to thousands of people who read his blog at My Four Hour Diary and work with him to improve their lives. Check out our full profile on Justin.