This is a collection of our most commonly asked questions. If you have a question, and you can't find it here, feel free to email us, or tweet us @paretonutrition - because if you are wondering, then someone else probably is too. We always love to hear from our customers.

Ordering, shipping and logistics:

What are your shipping rates?

Our shipping rates vary on what you order, where you are sending it and what level of service you want. If you want to know exactly, go through the checkout with your product and enter your address in.  It's free to check.  If you need your PAGG stack faster, we use an expedited service that costs more, and because our product costs are lower with larger purchases anyway, it’s always cheaper to order in larger amounts.

How fast will my order arrive?

It depends on where you live and what level of shipping service you selected. We offer USPS and FedEx service

Take a look at these for an idea of USPS target service levels.

·         USPS Priority Mail

·         USPS Express Mail

·         USPS First Class Mail Package

We've found that with USPS Priority you can expect your order to be delivered just about anywhere in the US in 2 - 4 days, possibly faster if you are close to our warehouse in Georgia which is basically anywhere on the east coast.

International mail varies more widely, depending on location and customs requirements, but we will always try to advise you to the best of our ability.

We also ship to APO/DPO addresses.  Timing there is far from within our control, but should be in-line with your other mail deliveries.

Do I get a tracking code for my order?

All orders are shipped with a tracking code, which will be emailed to you as soon as your order ships.  Orders shipped with USPS may show limited information when you check your tracking number.  Unfortunately that's a trade-off of using USPS first-class and priority mail service, and if you want detailed tracking we do offer an expedited courier service.

Will I be charged duty on an international order?

Any taxes or duty on orders shipped outside of the US, will be collected at the discretion of your country's border and customs officials.  Our clients’ experience with this to date is highly inconsistent – some packages get checked and charged, others go straight through.  

I have two discount codes, can I use them both?

We sometimes offer date-limited discount codes.  You can only use apply one at a time, so if you have two use the one that gives you the best deal.

What’s in my PAGG stack supplement?

Each red capsule contains:

· 215 mg of stabilized Na-R-Alpha-lipoic acid (provides 150mg R-ALA equivalent to 300 mg of ALA)

· 200 mg of aged garlic extract

· 325 mg of EGCG (from decaffeinated green tea extract)

· 250 mcg of Biotin.

Each blue capsule contains:

· 23 mg of policosanol

· 215 mg of stabilized Na-R-Alpha-lipoic acid (NA-R-ALA equivalent to 300 mg of ALA)

· 200 mg of aged garlic extract

· 250 mcg of Biotin

This formula follows the recommendation of Tim Ferriss in the 4 Hour Body to the microgram, with the finessed approach of using Na-R-Alpha-lipoic acid, for maximum stability and potency. You can read more about the behavior and effects of each ingredient on our blog.

Ferriss recommended taking a biotin supplement when using ALA, as ALA interferes with regular biotin synthesis. It’s a B complex vitamin which reduces blood glucose levels, and to avoid any potential deficiency concerns, we simply included it within your daily dose of the PAGG stack.

Why are capsules better than tablets for the PAGG stack?

Most people find smooth capsules much easier to swallow. They also have no flavor which is a huge bonus with these extracts. Try crushing a clove of garlic into your next cup of green tea and tell us how it tastes, or just use one of our competitor's products. 

Capsules are also better than tablets for storing alpha-lipoic acid (ALA). ALA is unstable if exposed to air and sunlight. Our red capsules were selected to minimize against that degradation to preserve the antioxidant’s potency until it hits your body.

Finally, capsules dissolve quickly and completely in the stomach, to ensure the contents are released while your meal is being digested.  This gives you the maximum fat-burning impact, and allows the separate ingredients to act precisely simultaneously, creating the desired ‘stack’ effect.

If you'd like to read more about our take on capsules in the PAGG stack, we wrote about it extensively on our blog here.

Do your capsules contain gelatin?

Yes.  Unlike tablets which must be bound with a range of ingredients, the encapsulated ingredients of your PAGG stack are safely held in powder form within the inert gelatin shell until ingested, which then dissolves completely within the stomach acid in a few minutes.

Is your PAGG stack gluten free?

Yes, our PAGG stack is 100% gluten free.

Using Pareto Nutrition’s PAGG stack supplement:

How should I take PAGG?

As noted in the Four Hour Body, you want to take the AGG portion (red pill) 3 times a day, once with breakfast, with lunch, and once with dinner.  You take the PAG portion (blue pill) just before you go to bed (there is no green tea extract in this capsule, to ensure a restful sleep).

Take one day off every week, and take a week off each month.

What days do I take PAGG, and how often do I skip it?

You want to take it every day, with one day off a week.  After taking it for a full month, we suggest taking a full week off.  The reason for taking some time off is to make sure your body doesn't get used to the supplements.  Taking time off will make sure that it is still sensitive to their effects.

If you're doing the slow carb diet, or any other diet protocol that employs a cheat day, we recommend you take PAGG on the cheat day. Follow your regular diet program on the day you skip PAGG. The ingredients in PAGG aid in metabolizing carbohydrates, and you will be getting a lot more of these on a cheat day.  If your cheat day is typically at the weekend, we advise selecting a midweek day as your regular PAGG-free day – using the same day each week helps with remembering and consistent dosing.

How long does a one month supply last?

A one month supply is designed to last 30 days.  The reason why there are 26 PAG capsules is that you take a day off every week, so in 30 days you will have 4 days where you don't take anything.  It’s easier to remember to take each Wednesday off, but harder to keep track over several weeks – so we put an exact month’s supply in the bottle, so you know to simply wait a week before opening the next one.

What if I get acid reflux?

Some people get an acid reflux (burping or heartburn) from taking Alpha-Lipoic Acid.  This side-effect is less likely now that we utilize only Na-R-Alpha-lipoic Acid, remember to only take AGG capsules with some food, either right before a meal, or after the first few bites.  You will still experience benefits from the supplement – our capsules dissolve extremely rapidly - and the food will help buffer the acid.

I'm taking your product, but I don't feel any different, how do I know it's working?

If you've taken fat loss supplements in the past you probably noticed an increase in energy or other effects that let you know it was doing something. This was almost always caused by stimulants, such as caffeine, ephedra, and PPA which have a lot of negative side-effects – you get a metabolic rush, like an espresso overdose.  This might suppress your appetite a little, but it won’t specifically affect how the food you eat is metabolized… definitely effective though in letting you know you just took a diet pill.

One of the great advantages of PAGG on the other hand is that when properly formulated (using decaffeinated ECGC), it doesn't contain stimulants.  All the ingredients are safe and natural despite their synergy and potency, so you are not going to notice any dramatic pounding hearts or nausea.   Extensive testing has verified the efficacy of the PAGG stack supplement, and our growing legion of returning customers prove that our product delivers… but you don’t have to take our word for it, as we offer a 110% money back guarantee so what do you have to lose?  The PAGG stack wont diet or work out for you, but it will enhance and boost the effort you make for yourself.  Trust us, you will notice the difference, and others will notice it too.

I have a question that wasn't answered here, how can I contact you?

We like twitter since if you have a question, others might also have the same question and we can get the information out fastest.  Our twitter account is @paretonutrition.  You can also email us at