Garlic, Aged Garlic Extract, and the PAGG stack supplement

Tim Ferriss famously credits a passing vagrant for the reminder as to the powerful effects of garlic on weight loss.  But the credentials of garlic for fat burning do have more scientific roots to draw upon, particularly when it comes to cholesterol production – it’s a natural antioxidant, combating atherosclerosis and reducing low density cholesterol.  Garlic also forms a traditional part of the ‘Mediterranean diet’, often recommended for weight management and a healthy life (despite a very non-slow-carb emphasis on bread with most meals!)

PAGG stack and garlicAs well as in the field of fat loss, garlic has many other recorded health benefits.  Often referred to as ‘natures antibiotic’, garlic shows considerable antiseptic and anti-fungal properties due to its high proportion of sulphurous compounds – these also act as an insect repellent - and potentially a repellent of other humans, if consumed in large quantities!

Interestingly despite centuries of folklore the biochemical pathways with which garlic takes effect are not conclusively documented.  It is important to remember that as a natural substance, garlic comprises thousands of different constituent molecules, some of which have probably never been isolated and tested, and the data we have is empirical. 

Allicin, one of the most potent antioxidant extracts of garlic is at its strongest when the garlic itself is macerated and crushed, and quickly degrades after extraction – yet Tim Ferriss’ army of volunteers obtained their best results from aged garlic extract, which doesn’t contain any bioavailable allicin on delivery.  In fact, unless you eat your garlic raw clove by clove – a pretty harsh way to treat your digestive system – you are unlikely to be ingesting much allicin directly, cooking degrades it fast.  So why is aged garlic extract so effective, if it doesn’t contain any?

Aged garlic extract does contain one vital precursor to allicin, S-Allyl cysteine, so this could explain the results.  We followed the outcomes in the formulation of our PAGG stack, because Ferriss’ research in 10 years was pretty conclusive as to what was the most effective – an aged garlic extract, with high allicin potential, with no constituents removed… because as with the PAGG stack itself, the maximum impact is clearly obtained by a synergistic effect of a range of substances, working together at the same time.

Using an aged garlic extract also means that it’s safe to take it daily in the quantities Ferriss specified – 200mg, 4 x per day – without any risk of digestive upsets, or that sexy garlic breath.  It’s also perfectly safe to include as much additional garlic as you like in your slow carb diet recipes.



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