Seven PAGG Stack Capsule Facts

We’ve talked before about why we chose capsules for delivery, over tablets – protecting volatile ingredients, as well as ensuring perfectly timed ingestion and delivery, made the choice easy for us.  But there are a few facts you might not know about our iconic red and blue capsules, which make them the perfect choice for delivery of your PAGG stack supplement.

  1. Our capsules are made by Capsugel, the world’s largest supplier of capsules to the health and supplements industry, and manufactured to cGMP standards in controlled conditions for perfectly consistent product delivery.  Every aspect of the composition, assembly, content and distribution process is rigorously and regularly examined to ensure this.
  2. By contrast, capsule delivery of pharmaceuticals was first recorded by the ancient Egyptians, primarily as a means of disguising the unpleasant taste of some of the contents!  As with many areas of knowledge the idea was ahead of it’s time, but execution has been considerably refined since…PAGG stack capsules
  3. To ensure the ‘Four Horsemen of Fat Loss’ can act directly on the meal you are about to eat, our capsules are designed and tested to dissolve and release their contents within one or two minutes of swallowing for perfect metabolic timing
  4. Capsule delivery allows us to use pure liquid ingredients – no binders, fillers, waxes, stabilisers, glazes, solvents, talcs or sugar coatings.  The pure gelatin shell dissolves completely within 30 minutes of eating, and is biologically neutral.  Compare this to the long list of ‘extra ingredients’ in the product leaflet of any tablet-based food supplement, and ask yourself whether you really want to be eating all these different chemicals.
  5. As well as the chemicals themselves, the process of binding supplement ingredients into tablet form has been heavily criticized, because of the negative impact on the integrity of the ingredients – remember, alpha-lipoic acid is sensitive to air, light, heat and pressure – as well as absorption.  The pressure used to construct some supplement products is such that the digestive process has no chance of releasing the active ingredients at the correct point in the digestive cycle (which for PAGG is right there in the stomach) – and any ingredients undigested are quite literally ‘wasted’.
  6. You might be surprised to learn that the dissolution of the capsules happens initially at the ‘shoulder’ of the capsule, that is the rounded end – not the join, where the two halves meet.  This join is perfectly designed to seal absolutely and securely, excluding air and light from the highly reactive contents, and ensuring their potential to act on the carbs you eat is not diminished between manufacture and use.  But it’s the most sharply-curved area that is designed to release the ingredients after swallow.
  7. We chose the vivid red and blue capsules, not just because they look cool (although we appreciate the extensive feedback from our customers around the world on that front).  Color coding of capsules has been used for many years to help with correct dosing and compliance, and we wanted to find a universal, language-independent means of distinguishing the two kinds of capsule that comprise the PAGG stack.  Following this color scheme through to our packaging and product labelling ensures there is no confusion possible: One red AGG caps with each meal, and one blue PAG cap at bedtime.

If after all that, you’re still not convinced that capsules are the best choice for your PAGG stack and are thinking of getting the ingredients through a capsule, here’s what to look for: USP supplement guidelines for disintegration.

USP testing is important for tablets to confirm that they will disintegrate and enter your body when they should. The guidelines (outlined here: were a response to some manufacturers creating tablets so compressed or coated with mystery "pharmaceutical glazes" that it actually passed straight through your body without any of the ingredients having a chance to be digested.

If you are considering a tablet, make sure the company has tested their tablets and that they conform to the guidelines. Look for a “USP Verified” icon on their bottle. USP verified

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