Why cycle your PAGG stack supplement?

Our PAGG stack supplement was designed from the outset to be taken according to the specific parameters described by Tim Ferriss in the Four Hour Body, which specified that the supplement intake should be cycled – in every seven day week, one day should be free from PAGG, and a clear week off should be taken every month.  This is why our product is supplied in the exact required quantities to do this, a month’s supply containing   78 AGG capsules (3 per day), and 26 PAG capsules (1 per day).  Minimum effective dose, no more and no less.

PAGG stack cyclingBut what is the rationale behind supplement cycling?  The oft-quoted phrase that ‘your body gets used to it’ doesn’t have a very scientific ring to it, that’s true – however, when you think about how your body works, it actually makes a lot of sense.  A great part of your liver and other cells are devoted to the role of homeostasis – that is, keeping the body’s temperature, volume, biochemistry, pH and other factors carefully balanced within a narrow range that supports the effective function of life.  Our bodies are bombarded with a wide range of sensory input, environmental conditions and nutritional intake, that all gets leveled out internally… if we go on vacation to a much hotter climate, we feel pretty hot for the first few days, but we don’t actually drop dead from heatstroke (provided we take it easy and give our body the tools to re-balance with like plenty of water), and within a few days that climate feels normal to us – and we shiver when we get home.

It’s the same with what we eat or take as supplements.  Eat refined carbs every day and your insulin balance constantly strives to adjust, in fact it does a remarkable job of this and you are unlikely to suffer from Type II diabetes for many decades.  Steadily increase your alcohol intake, and your tolerance increases with it – so many hardened drinkers with major alcohol problems rarely appear intoxicated, their system has adjusted to cope.  This is one reason that both sugar and ethanol create addictive patterns of behaviour incidentally – you want the effects they bring to continue, you need more and more intake to achieve this.  The effect is even more dramatic with adrenal stimulants like caffeine.

At the cellular level, this is about receptor attenuation.  Receptors in our cells have the ability to bind to and assimilate specific receptor agonists, in our diet or environment.  The more we flood those receptors, the less sensitive they get, and the eventually wholly burnt-out.  The only way to ‘reset’ them is to rest them completely.  Have a detox fortnight without your 3 espressos a day, and see how the first one shakes you up when you start again!

To get the maximum impact from your PAGG stack supplement, we recommend you adhere to Tim Ferriss’ recommended protocols, and abstain one day per week, and one week per month.  If you are following the slow carb diet or any other cyclic program involving a cheat day, we advise you take your ‘PAGG day off’ a different day, ideally 3 days later, to maximize effectiveness in your body recomposition.


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