PAGG Stack Absorption and Delivery – Why Choose Capsules not Tablets?

Since we first started developing our PAGG stack supplement at Pareto Nutrition, our priority has been to achieve the best possible effects for you the customer.  We weren’t aiming to produce the cheapest stack out there or the first to market, but to create a product that truly delivered.  There are a number of reasons that made a capsule, rather than a tablet, the obvious choice for us.

1. User Compliance

Even though ours is the only PAGG stack that only requires four separate doses per day, that still takes some remembering and motivation.  Capsules have no odour or taste, unlike many tablets, and their bright colors make it easy to distinguish the night-time, policonsanol-containing dose from the pre-meal dose.  Not everyone likes swallowing medicines of any kind, but capsules are smoother and more comfortable to swallow because of their shape, and leave no after-taste in the mouth

2. Protecting the ingredients

PAGG stack capsules

We use the finest quality ingredients in our PAGG stack, including the bio-identical R-ALA (alpha-lipoic acid).  This is a highly volatile antioxidant, which degrades immediately on exposure to light and air.  By sealing it within our iconic opaque capsules at our GMP-certified facility, we ensure it is delivered to you at optimal potency.

3. Timed delivery

Our capsules are designed to dissolve within minutes as they enter the stomach, and the liquid ingredients are released simultaneously, ready to be immediately digested just before you eat.  This ensures you achieve the intended maximum insulin sensitivity right when you eat the meal – the whole point of the PAGG stack is to spike your blood sugar with these specific ingredients at the exact time they can bring you the most impact on how that meal is digested.

We could not envisage any potential design of a tablet that could achieve our objectives. Tablets take time to dissolve, and cannot do so evenly so the whole dose is rapidly released.  Many tablet ingredients are compacted at extremely high pressure, which often results in a smaller and easier to swallow pill, but slows the release even further (well known brand name multivitamin producers have been exposed for this effect, with much of their product found to be unavailable for digestion until it was past the point of no return, so to speak).  Of course, tablets are great if you WANT a slow-release dose, such as a painkiller intended to be effective over several hours – but that is not what you want from the PAGG stack supplement.  Tablets would have been cheaper, and could have been made smaller… but we knew you deserved a better quality product than that would have lead to.

While tablets are an ideal delivery format in many applications, they aren't the right choice for the PAGG stack. We designed our PAGG stack to deliver maximum results with the minimum effective dose. Beyond the ingredients, which we carefully selected, a properly composed stack will also consider delivery and if you want the best possible PAGG stack supplement, there is no other choice than to use capsules.

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