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In Northern Europe, weight loss trends tend to follow a familiar annual cycle.  A few half-hearted detox attempts in January often wither rapidly, especially in the northernmost realms of Scandinavia and the UK.  When you’re piling on the woolly jumpers, it’s easy to ignore issues like body composition and weight… 

The PAGG Stack in SlovakiaAs spring arrives however and the days warm and lengthen, we know the thoughts of Europeans turn towards the summer vacation, and a mass migration in the direction of the nearest beach.  Hand in hand with these thoughts though go plans for the beach body… woolly jumpers are not ‘de rigeur’ on the shores of the Mediterranean, and for lots of people this means a sincere effort to start getting in shape.  Unsurprisingly then, European sales of Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Body have been ramping up in recent months – a UK edition came out in February 2011, but sales of the original and eBook version have also remained steady.  And no surprise either that lots of European readers are keen to get started with the PAGG stack supplement – Ferriss’ unique combination of policosanol, alpha-lipoic acid, green tea flavanols and garlic extract, that enhances and maximizes the effect of the slow carb diet.

The PAGG Stack in SwedenOf course Europeans are no strangers to the use of healthy herbs, in diet and supplementation.  Garlic in particular is a staple ingredient of many indigenous cuisines, especially in the Mediterranean basin, where the culture is heavily influenced by historical conquests from Eastern and African settlers.  Indeed the ‘Mediterranean diet’ is often recommended as one of the healthiest in the world – that’s the traditional diet using lots of fresh local produce and seafood, rather than the increasingly US-influenced junk food brands now ubiquitously available however, and Ferriss would doubtless have great concern at the dependence on bread at every meal, however healthy the olive oil it is smeared with.

The PAGG stack in FranceBut the ingredients of the PAGG stack supplement are available from lots of manufacturers in Europe, so determined readers started a bit of DIY.  Finding the 4 key elements certainly isn’t hard, but getting them in the specific doses Ferriss advised is challenging, especially as most supplements are supplied in capsule form in Europe – best for delivery and absorption yes, which is why we use capsules, but have you ever tried cutting one up to adjust a dose?  Messy.  And so is ensuring the capsules dissolve simultaneously for a ‘stack’ impact.  Once you throw in the recommended biotin supplement as well, you’ll be lucky to make it to the beach at all – over 17 capsules to figure out every day to get your PAGG… and still no local manufacturer of a combined supplement!

The PAGG Stack in SpainFortunately though Pareto Nutrition have been pleased to rescue Four Hour Body fans across Europe, shipping direct to readers in Spain, Slovakia, Belgium, Switzerland, Greece, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Demark, Norway, Poland and Austria.  You’ve seen our growing photo album, as PAGG reaches happy customers getting great results in so many European countries… and if yours isn’t listed just ask and we’ll see what we can do.  You can even take advantage of our time-limited free shipping via USPS, if you’ve left your slow carb diet program a little late in the year before beach time… and with the Euro/Dollar exchange rate offering an unprecedented level of advantage, there’s never been a better time to get started with PAGG in Europe.


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  • a0a0 This review is from: Yes, this is THE PAGG stack from Tim Ferris’s The Four-Hour Body’. After miankg a list of all the ingredients, I was happy to find that Pareto Nutrition had already done all of the hard work and had the supplements correctly dosed into single capsules. I looked at some other suppliers but went with Pareto because of the price; I’m so glad I don’t need to bother looking anywhere else next time. My shipment arrived promptly and shipping was free even though it was international (to the antipodes)! There was a small mistake with my order that Pareto identified even before I did, and they notified me and rectified it immediately. To be honest, the way this was handled actually gave me more confidence in the company; it’s not whether or not a person makes mistakes, but how they respond to them that shows their character. And, dealing with this company there’s still a human touch I have always received prompt replies to emails and I like that. I’m still reading Ferris’ book (some chapters are more relevant than others), and have been using PAGG for about four weeks now. The Pareto stack makes it easy to stay disciplined and get the right nutrition supplements when I need them. I’m changing body composition fairly slowly, but am sticking with the Rx Glad I bought a three-month supply and happy to give my return custom to Pareto. I only wish they sold other items Ferris mentions that are proving harder to get a hold of why can’t it always be this easy?
    says Goyita on August 17, 2012

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