PAGG stack in Asia

Following huge sales of Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Body around the world, readers in Asia have been keen to get their hands on the PAGG stack supplement – the combination of policosanol, alpha-lipoic acid, aged garlic extract and green tea flavanols that Tim Ferriss recommends for maximum results using the slow carb diet program.

PAGG stack in SingaporeMany Asian cultures reflect a co-operative and preventative outlook on health and well-being – a sense of personal responsibility for outcomes, and a belief in maintenance work to keep the mind and body well, rather than waiting to be ill and get fixed.  There is also great awareness of the role of natural and healthy herbal substances, and their individual and combined effects on the body – Eastern cultures have been far ahead of the West in this regard for thousands of years, and many of these ancient techniques are only recently becoming popular and well-known in the West.  From traditional Chinese medicine to modern nutraceuticals, Asia is leading the world in market expansion in these areas, with an innovative and creative approach to wellbeing, combined with growing urbanization and a trend of looking to western-lead health innovation and media.

Not surprisingly then, demand for a high-quality PAGG stack supplement in Asia has been significant, and Pareto Nutrition are proud to announce that we now ship directly to clients in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, China and Singapore – delivery has been swift and effective via USPS, and many of our Asian clients have opted to take advantage of our time-limited free international shipping offer.  Shipping times of 12 days have been noted to Singapore, and 10 days to Malaysia – this is via the free first class shipping. 

Clearance through customs has been quick and easy, particularly for some countries. Orders entering the free port of Hong Kong are not taxed, orders valued at under 500 MYR (approximately $155 USD) can enter Malaysia without duty or additional taxes, and orders to Singapore are entering the country without additional taxes being levied.

PAGG Stack in MalaysiaWhile all orders are shipping with a tracking number, not all postal services work well together.  Orders placed using USPS first-class international mail, are not always updated once they leave the USPS international sorting center; therefore, if it is important for your PAGG stack supplement to arrive on a specific date, we also offer a FedEx service, or USPS Express International, to hasten your delivery.

If you want to be part of the beautiful symmetry, of the US supplying herbal supplements to the Far East after centuries of Eastern wisdom filtering back our way, then order your PAGG stack today from Pareto Nutrition!

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