PAGG Stack in Canada

With the Four Hour Body hitting the best seller lists worldwide, it is not surprising that the demand for the various enhancements Tim Ferriss recommends in the book has lead to a run on some unusual health-related items.

PAGG Stack in Ottawa, CanadaThe PAGG stack – the unique supplement stack comprising Policosanol, Alpha-lipoic acid, Green tea flavanols and aged Garlic extract – is one example.  All four ingredients are well-established as food supplements singly, with demonstrable benefits that go far beyond weight control.  But by combining them into single doses designed to act in specific ways on food as it is eaten, Ferriss came up with something greater than the sum of its parts:  dramatic, safe and healthy weight loss results, and even more rapid slow-carb diet success.

The problem for many though has been obtaining supplies of the combined supplement.  In Canada, PAGG is not manufactured as a single product, and many creative slow carb dieters and Tim Ferriss fans have been driven to creating their own supplement stacks, purchasing the ingredients singly.

Fortunately for Canadian PAGG fans, Pareto Nutrition in the US is shipping direct, using USPS.  Delivery to Canada can be complicated by delays at customs, and local duties may well be payable – this is at the discretion of the services involved, although USPS Priority mail is generally pretty fast once these delays are factored in.  Remember that this service currently comes to you with FREE delivery, so this is worth offsetting against any potential delays.  And even if a curious customs officer hangs onto your PAGG for a couple of weeks, it really is well worth the wait to obtain the highest-quality combined PAGG stack on the market – the only one using pure R-ALA, and complying to the microgram with Tim Ferriss’ latest recommendations to omit the ECGC from the bedtime dose.

PAGG Stack in Vancouver, CanadaAll PAGG stack supplement orders from Pareto Nutrition are shipped to Canada with a USPS tracking code, although this can end up challenging to obtain meaningful information from once the border is crossed…  If you want to get your hands on your PAGG with guaranteed speed, there are options available for USPS Express and FedEx Priority shipping – our commitment to excellence in customer service extends worldwide, and we want to ensure that our dedicated slow carb fat banishers in Canada have a choice.  And we don’t mean a choice of concocting an awkward mixture of supplements from their local pharmacy, supplied expensively and in imprecise amounts. Our many satisfied customers across Canada are advised to order their next supply of PAGG in good time to avoid forced delays in your schedule, and to put you in charge of your body recomposition goals.

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