Video: Behind the scenes of the Four Hour Body Couple

Luke and Kat have both had problems with weight in the past, and so when the 4 Hour Body came out, they saw their opportunity.

They both decided to use the slow carb diet, and PAGG to help them lose the fat they wanted to, and gain the lifestyle that gives them plenty of energy, plus spare time.

In this video, they talk more about their past and how it affected their journey, as well as how they approach life and what’s important.

Together, they’ve developed the foremost resource for Four Hour Body readers, offering a full range of guides, comprehensive articles on many topics, as well as sharing their personal experiences and research to help others make positive changes in their lives. They have coached people one on one, to help them achieve their goals, and they share their tips and what they’ve learned through many different channels.

Their focus is to help people understand the principles more easily, and clear up any misunderstandings from the book. Both of them took PAGG from Pareto Nutrition to help them get the bodies they wanted.

Watch their video to learn more about their lifestyle, and what they believe:

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