Video: Justin gets ripped using PAGG and the 4 Hour Body

Not content with his lifestyle, Justin found what he was looking for in the 4 Hour Body, and made incredible changes to his body in a short amount of time.

His results were so good that Tim Ferriss thought his before and after photos demonstrated the impressive effect of the book best, and tweeted the photos to his 300,000+ followers.

Justin found himself motivated when his son was born; to live a healthier lifestyle and set a great example. He started working out, and eating to lose fat. His results were impressive, and his body quickly changed. Since then, he’s researched more and created strategies that work for him and his family.

Now as an inspiration to his son and wife, and many other people, he writes on his blog - My Four Hour Diary - to share his experiences with other people and help them change their lives.

Just took the PAGG Stack from Pareto Nutrition to help him lose fat while adding muscle. He trains hard for performance, endurance and good health, and enjoys eating in a way that supports his lifestyle and his goals.

Watch his story in this short video, and learn more about how he did it:

Have you experienced big changes from changing your lifestyle? Let us know - leave a comment below!


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