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A 4HB enthusiast was checking out our research on the PAGG stack and she sent us an email asking about body smell and odor. It's a good thing that we don't recall hearing any feedback from our customers about odor while taking our product and thought that this conversation was too good not to post up for potential customers thinking of trying us out, or for our existing customers who take it for granted that they're kept smelling fresh.

Visitor writes:

I am currently taking the PAGG stack in individual pills. Have been having issues with odor of urine as well as smelling like garlic according to my spouse -- not appealing. I am using the brands of components in Tim's book. I've cut back to 1 pill/day of aged garlic without much improvement, and the urine smell remains using green tea and lipoic acid only.

My question is: are your components different from what Tim gave in his book in a way that might get rid of these side effects? What are your customers saying about these sorts of effects? I'm a chemist so I totally buy that R-ALA will be a benefit over the R/S stuff I'm buying now. How about the garlic-what's different from the Garlicin Tim used? If I don't have to worry about being stinky then I'm more likely to move to your single pill over juggling pills of each component.

Pareto Nutrition responds:

We use an aged garlic extract which is different from the Garlicin which Tim links to from his site. This is a bit of a contentious point since Tim links to Garlicin which is a 'deodorized' extract, but a few paragraphs later recommends Aged Garlic Extract (AGE) as he found better results with it.  The aging process reduces the odor, and most people don't notice anything from it.

ALA on the other hand does produce a strong urine odor for most people. Lipoic acid molecules contain two sulphur atoms, and many people notice a strong smell in their urine for a couple of hours after consuming it as their body excretes sulphur metabolites. Some people claim that R-ALA won't have this problem, but that's not strictly true. What is true is that by avoiding the racemic mix of ALA your body doesn't have a lot of excess (and mostly inactive) S-ALA to flush out through your kidneys. That's why we use Na-R-ALA providing 150mg of R-ALA. This would deliver the same amount as taking 300mg of racemic ALA, but the concentration of sulphur in your urine will be a lot lower and may even be undetectable.

Here's a reminder for everyone that Na-R-ALA is the stabilized form of alpha lipoic acid. We use it in our capsules, providing the best bio-availability. If you're considering trying PAGG and don't have it in your stack, you may not be getting the full benefit. ALA degrades quickly when exposed to air and heat (such as during the extreme compression used to make tablets) so be very careful about what you put into your body and make sure that you're losing fat, and not just giving off a foul smell.  

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  • I have been concerned about this too. Doing Ferriss’s PAGG stack “by hand” and my wife always complains that I smell bad to her. If I stop taking it for a few days, no issues at all. But while on it? She doesn’t want me anywhere near here, which is an obvious problem. Sounds like Pareto’s formulation might be a much better option.

    says Dave
  • The question was mine-thanks to Pareto for the quick response! My shipment is on the way….I look forward to getting it!

    says Heather
  • It’s true, I haven’t had any issues with a foul odor (according to my wife, and at least not from the pagg).

    Occasionally I’ll smell garlic on the breath if I burp after taking the PAGG capsule (the blue one), but I’ve taken probably 5 months of PAGG and never had any odor issues.

    Buy with confidence!


    says Jason @ FindingMyFitness
  • Agreed.

    I did a personal test because while everyone said the smell (from pee) was from garlic, I thought it smelled a little more like acid then a pungent bulb.

    I also used the PAGG seperately and had some leftovers so I tried removing the ALA for a day and the smell went away. Put it back in the next day and it came back.

    Personally, I don’t get the same smell from Pareto’s PAGG. I’ve not tried R-ALA on its own to verify it but seeing as how it was the standard ALA (S and R ALA Mixture) that caused the smell, I’m pretty convinced that R-ALA won’t cause your your pee to stink.

    says Aaron

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