5 Questions with The Sugar Divorce

In our previous edition of 5 Questions, Ana from 365daystoanewme answered question #5 by suggesting that we talk to Suzanna from The Sugar Divorce - Fitness Over 50.  In her own words, here is 4HB fan Suzanna:

Suzanna Stinnett is the author of The Sugar Divorce, about her experience becoming fit with the Four Hour Body. Suzanna founded Bay Area Bloggers Society and ePub Clubs, and hosts the Twitter chat #ePubChat. She's had a lifelong fascination with the brain and considers the "global brain" a worthy topic. She resides in the San Francisco Bay area where she can be found petting dogs that hang out in front of coffee shops.

Suzanna from The Sugar Divorce

1) What goals are you working towards on the 4HB program?

My first goal was to lose 10 pounds. My intention was to take my time, as I am only interested in creating a healthy lifestyle, not rapid weight loss. I hoped to lose one or two pounds a week.

2) How is your progress so far, what have you found easy, and what has been your biggest challenge?

At 12 weeks, I had lost 15 pounds, but that's not the best part. I built a lot of muscle, and lost 5 inches in each thigh (!!), seven inches around my waist, and 3 jeans sizes. I am now in what I call "Second Phase," which I describe on my blog as a "CHECK IT OUT!" time, getting used to being so much stronger and leaner. I want to lose another 10 pounds but I'm in no hurry at all. 

The biggest challenge has probably been that 30 grams of protein in 30 minutes after waking, as it is for most people, but that is also profoundly effective. I manage it almost 7 days a week.

The easy part came after about 5 weeks when I first started doing the air squats and the wall push-offs. It's hard to believe they are so effective. I had to work my way up, but now I do 45 squats in 90 seconds. It is challenging to do them several times a day, which is silly, because they take so little time. They human psyche is very convoluted!

3) What’s one tip that you would share with someone who’s just starting the program?

I would say to work with the food first, focus on changing out the sugar-carbs for tasty legumes, and cut yourself some slack. I accomplished my goals while doing all sorts of things wrong. There's more flexibility than you think, but try to stick close to the food plan for those six days.

4) What is your favourite cheat day food?

I'd say potatoes. Hashbrowns, potato chips, baked potatoes, french fries, did I leave anything out? Popcorn is my ultimate favorite cheat food but I cheat with it during the week AND on cheat day.

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  • My favorite hinge day food right now is Sushi and bread!!!

    says rebecca on January 17, 2012

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