You Need A Support System

Guest Post: Brian Valentin from 4 Hour Body Zone.

Brian Valentin from 4 Hour Body ZoneYou need a support system - a system in place that is going to keep you on track to meet your goals.  But how do you make sure you have that system in place?

By telling everyone about your goals and your plans.  

If someone asks you why you’re taking pictures of your food, you tell them why.

If someone offers you a piece of cake or candy and you (politely, of course) turn them down - and they ask “why, are you on a diet?” - you tell them yes, then you tell them why.

If someone asks why you’re eating your burger without a bun and then proceeds to “lecture” you on why Atkins is bad for your kidneys - well, you listen to them, then explain what you are doing is not Atkins then explain why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Not everyone will be on board with you - some will try to sabotage you and your goals - but the majority will gladly support you, and as I have had happen, may even join you when they start seeing the difference in how you look.

How else do you build your support system?

You reach out to people in cyberspace - do a google search for blogs concerning 4HB, Slow Carb, Paleo diets, PAGG stacks - hell, create one yourself and join us - we’re a very welcoming community and we know what you’re going through.

Seek us out, ask us questions, post up some recipes (there’s always room for some good slow carb recipes!)

Head on over to Twitter and do a hashtag search for #4HB or #4HourBody - you’ll find hundreds of people tweeting about, blogging about, and succeeding on the plan (just like you will in a short 30+ days!)

When I started out back in Dec 2010 - I did three things that got me where I’m at today (which is just about 30 pounds down, and a weight and waist size I haven’t been since 10th grade - and  I’m 35 years old now).
  1. I told my wife what my plans were, what I would be eating, and what I would be doing
  2. I opened a account and created blog
  3. I learned how to use Twitter - and made some very good friends in the process.  I regularly talk with Jason (@FMFblogger) of and Justin (@justhamade) of - and the great guys behind Pareto Nutrition - (@ParetoNutrition)
If you’re serious about getting yourself healthy and feeling better - what are you doing to make sure you have the support you need?

Brian is the man behind 4 Hour Body Zone. He is a 35 year old husband and father of 2 kids (with a third on the way).  He's a school counselor and an Air Force Reserve member. He was also chubby, not “fat” or “obese” but  definitely heavier than someone barely 5’9″ should be.  His goals (as they have been his entire adult life) are to rid himself of this extra weight and fat. 

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  • I have to second what Brian said, and not just because he mentioned me. :)

    To be quite honest, there are two reasons I’m still on 4HB: when I do it right, it just plain works; and I have a HUGE support system.

    The support system is absolutely invaluable when you’re not seeing the results you want. I’ve more than once tweeted that I had a certain craving and in a matter of minutes someone was encouraging me.

    Get yourself a support system, and then also pay it forward and be in someone else’s support system. You will never be sorry to have friends in your corner!


    says Jason @ FindingMyFitness

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