5 Questions with Ana from 365 Days to a New Me

In our previous edition of 5 Questions, Sue from New Sue For Youanswered question #5 by suggesting that we talk to Ana from 365daystoanewme. In her own words, here is 4HB fan Ana:

5 questions with Ana BrorsMy name is Ana Brors and I am on a second consecutive 365 day journey towards health! My first one ran from April 12, 2010 - April 11, 2011 - I went a full year without any sugar, gluten or cheese with no cheating. I lost 41 lbs and over 30 inches. Nowhere near the amount of weight I wanted to lose - so this second round of the journey I've chosen the 4 Hour Body diet combined with no refined sugar or gluten on cheat day. Weight has been a struggle for me my entire life and now I'm serious about lifestyle changes so the remainder of my life will be healthy and fun. This year – I’ll turn 40. In December. I’d like to be at my goal weight/clothing size by my birthday and then spend the remainder of this journey focusing on toning and maintaining the weight loss! The goal is to be forty, fit, flirty & fabulous!

1) What goals are you working towards on the 4HB program?

My main focus and priority for this current 365 day challenge I've made to myself is to lose the remaining weight Ihave to lose - about 84 more lbs. Tone up my body, build some muscle. Be more athletic in my life! I've already signed up for a 20 mile bike ride and I'll be doing the Warrior Dash this year too - so I'm definitely challenging myself!

2) How is your progress so far, what have you found easy, and what has been your biggest challenge?

I'm on day 45 and I'm down 11 lbs and over 9 inches! Given the fact that I had been at a plateau for a couple ofmonths - I see this as great success. I feel great, have more energy and can feel my body chemistry changing. I'd say one of my biggest challenges has been adjusting to removing carbs. I feel better without them - it was justanother learning curve. Now I'm used to it and love how I feel after a healthy meal chock full of veggies and leanprotein. While I still do a cheat day, one a week - I am not doing any refined sugars or gluten - I still have my treatsbut it just highlights for me how much better I feel when I'm not eating the carbs.

3) What’s one tip that you would share with someone who’s just starting the program?

TAKE YOUR MEASUREMENTS and be patient! From my own experience and what I hear from other 4HB participants - the weight can tend to come off a little slowly - especially for some women - but it's the measurements that count! Don't get discouraged - you will see the results.

4) What is your favourite cheat day food?

Anything with cheese! Lasagna, pizza, fondue....mmmm....glorious cheese!

5) Who is another 4HB blogger you think our readers should know about?

Jason Jacobs - Love him - and his encouragements on Twitter - especially his personalresponses to tweets.

Suzanna Stinnett - She's fun - honest - real. A true inspiration to grab a hold of her life and herhealth!

[Editors note: We love Jason Jacobs too, he participated in 5Q a little while ago and you can find his answers here.]

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