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The last 3 months have been pretty exciting for me. I have changed my body and my life. Tim and the 4-Hour Body is one of the main reasons for this, along with some other great fitness authors.

Before picture: Results on the PAGG stack and Four Hour BodyI wasn’t always fat.  As a kid I actually could not put on weight at all, I was really skinny.  I played a lot of sports; mainly football and hockey.  Like most 16 year old skinny kids that play football, I started lifting weights. However, I was never taught the proper way and was never that dedicated to it.  After football season in my high school senior year, 10 pounds appeared on me and I was a bit chubby for the first time ever.  At the age of 20, it was easy to get rid of the fat.  I worked out for a few weeks and it was gone, which make me think it would always be like that.  For 10 years I would work out lose a couple pounds, think I did good then put on twice as much as I lost.  40 pounds later I was married and almost 190 pounds.  

As a fan of Tim from his first book, The 4HWW, I followed his blog and was anticipating the new book coming out.  I bought it from a brick and mortar store the first day.  Two big things led to my harajuku moment.  First when my son was born, and second reading the quote from Richard Branson that working out is the best thing to increase productivity.  

Like anyone making a change in their lifestyle there were problems I had to overcome.  The first problem for me was finding time to work out.  I work 9-10 hours a day, plus commute and was also doing some side projects as well.  The solution, get up earlier and make the workout the first thing of the day.  I have found that I need to do what ever is most important to me earlier in the day, that way I can focus on it and get it done.  Early in the morning works perfect because everyone else is still asleep and I can focus on me.  I started with just simple bodyweight exercises, not going to the gym forces you to get creative with exercise.  I spent a total of $130 on equipment, 2x20lb kettlebells from Walmart and a door way pull up bar.  You really don’t need much more than that.  I love the gym and miss it but I have accomplished more at home in 3 months than I ever did with many years of gym memberships.

The next problem was my diet.  My wife and I are both fairly health conscious people.  She is a kinesiologist and knows a lot more about physiology than I do.  But there is a difference between knowing how to eat healthy and actually eating healthy.  Fruit and vegetables have always been a big part of our diet, but so were potato chips, pastries, and the odd trip through a fast food drive through.  I had read Tim’s original post about the “Slow Carb Diet” on his blog a couple years ago and had always wanted to try it but never did.  The book didn’t have much new information regarding this, just some case studies to go along with it, but for some reason I was much more motivated to do it.  I eased into the diet slowly.  The first and easiest change was breakfast, because it was in my control.  I followed Tim’s eggs, salsa and spinach breakfast everyday for a month.  Because I work so much, groceries and dinner were a bit out of my control, and my wife does not like beans so she was not totally on board.  I had bought some PAGG as separate supplements from a local health food store and took them pretty regularly, looking back the dosages were all wrong and the quality was really low.  I ate relatively strict for that month and easily lost 10 lbs.

In February I got sick, I am not sure what the cause was.  I found out after a week of being sick that I had appendicitis and had to get my appendix taken out.  I spent 3 days in the hospital and couldn’t eat for 3 days.  I did lose another 10 lbs during this time.  I also went off the my homemade PAGG for a month.

After picture: Results on the PAGG stack and Four Hour BodyWhile I was taking a break from PAGG, slow carb and exercise; I started doing a lot of reading of other sources around the internet.  I stumbled across Martin Berkman’s site from a post on  This was another harajuku moment for me.  Martin and intermittent fasting go against almost all traditional diet practices.  

When I was feeling 100% again I started back up with the PAGG stack with the stack from Pareto Nutrition, and started following the leangains protocol.  I was struggling to lose the stubborn fat around my mid section and a week after I started intermittent fasting my abs started to show.  It was a pretty amazing transformation in a week and I have been doing IF ever since.  If you see my blog or forum posts I make I am a pretty big promoter of intermittent fasting for fat loss.  I also notice big differences on days that I don’t take PAGG, especially cheat days or days that I fall off the wagon.  Although I have taken other supplements, like ECA and protein, I’m personally against using supplements.  With PAGG being made of stuff that are naturally occurring, and having almost zero side affects I don’t mind taking it and feel quite safe compared to other thermogenics I used back when I was younger and more naive.

Since then I have done so much reading and research.  There are many hacks out there that don’t do research or cite resources and claim things they heard are facts.  But I have found a few really good authors.

Staying involved in the community that has formed around the 4HB has been very motivating as well.  I spend a lot of time on and as well as in the twitter #4hb.  I offer to help people as much as I can, helping is always what motivates me.  You can’t be a fitness mentor and be fat.  I have also made some good Internet friends and I know the community will keep growing.

Some of my goals have been reached.  Initially I wanted to get to 165lbs but I got all the way down to 154lbs at my lowest.  The great thing about the book, which I think half of the people in the community missed, is that this change is suppose to be sustainable and forever.  I often hear people talk about things they are going to change when they reach their weight goals, and it makes me cringe.  Reaching your goal doesn’t mean you go back to the way it was, if you do then you will end up like the people that won the biggest loser, right back where you started.  Reaching your goals proves that you can do anything you put some effort into, so make a new goal, a harder goal, and go get that.

About Justin from

Justin is a 31 year old male, married with a 7 month old baby.  Read the 4HB in December and went from approx 25% body fat to 12% in a few months.  His writes about his progress and other diet and fitness research that he does on his blog at 

Justin has used the 4HB to not only get ripped but to improve his endurance for distance running, increase his sprinting speed, and improve his strength, all without setting foot in a gym and using $100 of equipment at home.

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