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In our last issue of 5 Questions, Mike told us to talk to Luke and Kat from Four Hour Body Couple. We did the 5 questions with them a few months ago but they constantly pop up as someone that people want to hear more about.  Lucky for us they are always working on something interesting and we managed to get a few minutes of their time for an exciting update.

The Four Hour Body Couple -- Couples Challenge1) Luke & Kat, it's been a few months since you were featured on our 5 Questions.  Can you give us an update?

Sure thing guys. Since starting on slow carb, it's been a really great adventure! We've found our way through some challenges, and the process has been life-changing. We found it challenging while we were travelling for a couple of weeks, but it was a neat challenge. For Luke, dropping some weight early with slow carb then led to starting Occam's Protocol workouts about 6 weeks ago, and the results so far have been very good. Strength has gone up, and lean body mass gained is approaching 10lbs. For Kat, it uncovered some very hidden things that had been ongoing problems for years, and presented some new ways of approaching them. In particular, high stomach acid meant the slow carb meals, being quite large, were very difficult. So was all the meat and eggs involved. So, in the name of experimentation, Kat sliced each meal in half, adjusted the foods, cut out fats (which were causing acid problems) and hasn't looked back. With those challenges out of the way, we are both heading into a great summer of energy and feeling great. 

2) Excellent, the training is going according to plan and you're handling any hiccups along the way, it sounds like you've taken the 4HB program to the next level. 

Well, it's nice to have a blend of approaches. So one of us is strictly by the book, whilst the other has taken the concept of the 4 Hour Body, being experimentation and results, and applied it much more specifically to an individual set of needs. Both together mean we have some interesting dinner conversations! We've also been hearing from lots of people through our blog, and really appreciate all our readers who've made it so successful. Thanks so much to everyone! We love hearing from people, and we've already got some great success stories in the comments.

3) A couples challenge is a great idea, for those who haven't heard of it, can you give us a run down?

Kat from Four Hour Body Couple
Well, we heard from a lot of people that sharing our experiences gave people some help for their own lives, be it selecting foods, or just in general, getting motivated, or finding good reasons to keep it up. We were thinking about how we could share more people's experiences, in the hope that we could multiply this effect, and because we know we're not the center of the world! So we came up with the Couples Challenge - where we will follow 5 couples for 8 weeks, as they get into their own Four Hour Body lifestyles, while they get free PAGG and free Couples Coaching too. They're set up for success from the beginning, and we'll share their results along the way, so more people can get inspired and make great changes in their lives to achieve their own goals!

4) Why the focus on couples?

We thought long and hard about this, and the simple answer is because it's what we know best. We really believe in the strength of two people combined. It can be tough, and challenging along the way, and having a partner there to help you out and support you is really great. We're experts at what it's like to make changes together, and help each other along the way. Plus, we think there's a lot of people out there who are just waiting to get their other half, whether its a husband, girlfriend or BFF, onto a Four Hour Body lifestyle with them.. so we think this might help!

5) There's no question that prizes and publication help to keep us all accountable, what are you doing for the challenge?

Luke from Four Hour Body CoupleWell, we're going to be sharing results every week with everyone, on our Facebook page. Everyone will be able to watch a short video each week, to find out how the couples are doing, and then check them out in more detail at their page. Of course, for the couples, there's the free PAGG, the weekly coaching to help them succeed, as well as the grand prize.. a getaway together!

6) How can couples get involved?

It's really easy to sign up - and we're still taking applications, but not for long, so be quick. Just visit the Facebook page at: and hit the 'Apply Now!' link on the left. (If you're not on Facebook, you can apply at

For everyone who would like to follow our couples along their journey, just visit the Facebook page ( and 'Like' it, and you'll get updates in your News Feed! Easy! There's also an email sign up, if you'd prefer updates in your inbox once a week.

All the best with your Four Hour Body,

Kat and Luke

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  • Kirsten (& Husband 2.0) - We can wait to watch you turn into hard bodies. :)

    says Trevor on April 11, 2011
  • I’m one of the lucky participants in the Couples Challenge and I’m excited about embracing the lifestyle changes and benefitting from the results!

    Thanks Pareto PAGG Stack for your support!


    says Kirsten (RNTgirl) on April 11, 2011

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