We Ship to APOs / Training at the Front

We ship the PAGG stack to APOs

We started serving the American men and women in service right from the beginning...though not without a little prodding.  To be honest, we didn't know if anyone would want to order a supplement that might take over a month to arrive.

Last week, our first picture from Afghanistan arrived and we were pretty excited.  We immediately wrote back to ask a few questions about training when you don't have much more than a few stones and cold mountain air.  Under the condition of anonymity, here is a small insight into 4HB done at the front line.

(pictured: Pareto Nutrition's PAGG stack on a soldier's sofa)

1) While deployed, what do you have to train with?

The challenges of training in a deployed environment can vary,  Some locations have alot of support, as physical fitness is a priority for both operations and frankly for sanity.  Some locations are no better than wall of Hesco's and a few tents.

Here fitness gets creative. Many of our people out here are doing their best with body weight only exercises, the various paths out ther from P90X to Cross fit  Etc.  Folks have flown in Russian Kettle bells,  however the price of shipping can be obscene.  Let's not talk about regular delays in mail. 

Simple cardio in my area is hazardous, the rocks can turn your ankle and ruin your fitness effort and in the case of one young man, end your deployment.

2)  How is your diet?

Nutrition is a challenge.  The food here can is less then ideal so supplements can make or break your effort.   Most foods come buried in a sauce or drenched in butter or fried.

3)  Tell us about your training goals.

All in all it's not impossible in fact the added challenges we face here make the accomplishment something to truly relish.  Coming home is of course the bare minimum goal, Coming home leaner stronger and faster, now that's truly something. Conditions here are set to improve more equipment is on the way, facilities are being constructed so it's really not all doom and gloom.  Hard training in a hard place makes for Hard men and women.

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