Introducing PAGG Stack 2.0

Response to Pareto Nutrition’s PAGG Stack has exceeded our expectations. We set out right from the start to create the best version of PAGG that we could, using the very best ingredients and you’ve responded with great enthusiasm.

In addition, our return rate has been extremely low. Despite our industry-leading 110% guarantee we’ve only seen a couple of return requests.

So why mess with success you ask? Sure, a lot of supplement companies would rest on their laurels and spend their time pressing lawsuits against the imitators. But standing still is not Pareto’s mission, and it never will be.

The PAGG Stack has been improved in three significant ways.

R-ALA: not your dad’s ALA

Note: the formula has been updated yet again since this article was written, we now include stabilized Na-R-ALA instead of regular R-ALA. This has all the advantages listed below for regular R-ALA, but is also more stable, has higher absorbability, and results in a more effective product.

We hope you’re ready for a little science lesson. If you examine the research on ALA you’ll quickly learn that it comes in two varieties S-ALA and R-ALA. The difference between these forms has to do with the shape of the molecule. Even though all ALA molecules are built with the same components, they differ in one critical aspect: they are enantiomers; that is, their atoms are arranged in a mirror image of each other.

The PAGG Stack with R-ALA

An easy way to think of this is to compare your left and right hands.  The both have the same number of fingers, yet the thumbs point in different directions. For most of us one hand tends to work a lot better than the other.

Only the R-ALA form occurs naturally. In fact, S-ALA never even existed prior to 1952 when it was chemically born in a University of Illinois laboratory.[1] ALA was synthesized using a process that produced both S-ALA and R-ALA in a 50/50 mix. This is what chemists refer to as a racemic mixture.

The vast majority of early studies on ALA were done using the R-ALA/S-ALA combination. These were the years when scientists discovered the essential role that R-ALA plays in cellular metabolism[2]. It took decades to discover that R-ALA is the biologically active form of ALA that is responsible for the positive health benefits they had seen in hundreds of studies[3]. R-ALA actually converts to the active form R-DHLA in the body 28 times faster than S-ALA[4] and is more quickly and completely absorbed[5].

S-ALA is generally considered safe and non-toxic. Up until recently researchers assumed that you if you simply used half the R-ALA as a standard ALA racemic mix you would get the same results. But several studies over the last decade have suggested that S-ALA competes with R-ALA in the body and may actually limit the overall effect of ALA supplementation[6][7]. According to the evidence, eliminating the S-ALA will elicit a more powerful effect. By reducing the total number of milligrams per dose you also greatly reduce any chance of gastrointestinal side-effects such as acid reflux.

Though it costs significantly more as a raw ingredient, our PAGG Stack now contains 150mg of pure R-ALA instead of 300mg of racemic ALA, resulting in a more pure, natural and effective product. With the original PAGG stack, we sought to provide the exact specifications laid out by Tim Ferriss (100-300mg of ALA per serving). While these are fine recommendations, we’ve come to realize that our customers are a sophisticated group that want a product supported by the best scientific knowledge available. That’s what this change represents.

The green tea typo

If you follow Tim Ferriss on twitter, or have read his blog post detailing corrections to 4HB, you’ll know that he has made a small change to PAGG. His concern was that green tea extract can cause insomnia if taken before bed. We were less concerned about this. We made sure that we had a high-quality decaffeinated extract and we felt the research showed that other components of green tea, including EGCG and L-theanine could even have an overall calming effect.

In fact, even with our original PAGG formula we had only one customer complain about insomnia. Interestingly, several customers found that they were getting deeper, more restful sleeps than they were used to. This has also been our experience with ourselves and our test subjects.

Still, this has to be one of the biggest questions we get from first-time customers. So we asked ourselves: if we removed a dose of green tea from our PAGG stack would it remain as effective? The scientific research and our own experience says yes[8]. The minimum effective dose[9] is still exceeded with 975mg of EGCG per day, and this falls within the 900-1100mg range originally specified in the 4-Hour Body.

So if you were holding back on ordering because you wanted the updated Tim-Ferriss-approved formula and dosing schedule, you’ve got no more excuses. In fact Pareto Nutrition is the only PAGG stack on the market that meets Tim’s exact updated recommendations.

All this in even fewer pills

Reformulating the stack allowed us make one more important change. With the old version you took 4 AGG (red) capsules a day, and added a P (blue) capsule just before bed. Now we’ve combined garlic, R-ALA, and biotin into a new blue capsule (PAG). The new dosing schedule is to take a single red pill with 3 meals during the day, and take a single blue pill just before bed. It simply could not be easier. No other PAGG stack can claim to reduce your pill burden like this.

Take a single red pill before 3 meals, and take a single blue pill just before bed. It could not be easuer (pull quote)

Our original PAGG stack has been a runaway success. If you’ve still got some of the original product, rest assured that it's fine. The new PAGG stack replaces the original and improves it by refining the ingredients, reducing any chance of side effects, and making it even easier to take PAGG than it ever has been before.

You can order the improved PAGG Stack today and it will start shipping on March 21st. Since we're backordered we're also extending free shipping to anyone who orders 2 or more months right now, to anywhere we ship in the world.

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  • Just placed my order today – thank GOD somebody out there decided to simplify this for me :) Thanks for the free shipping – that made me pull the trigger (I live in France). Cheers

    says kristina
  • Jan,

    We have a label warning against taking the product if you are on thyroid medication. Because the causes of thyroid disease are varied, and the effect of the medication on your body can be complicated, we have to ask you to consult with your doctor on this one.

    Anyone with allergies to tea, or garlic should definitely avoid taking PAGG.

    says Pareto
  • What sensitivities have been reported?
    Allergic reactions?

    says Jan
  • How does the PAGG stack affect
    thyroid medication? I can’ seem to get
    anyone to tell me this. Help. I want to
    order but want to make sure that it will
    not affect my thyroid. I take 90mg Armour

    says Jan Hazel
  • sounds like you have a great product. will order later today! Thanks

    says lou

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