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We pick up 5 Questions this week with Dale from FatHacker. We had the privilege of choosing who to interview this week and immediately thought of Dale. Aside from loving the name FatHacker, his tracking is meticulous, and he's going for all the Tim Ferriss Four Hour Body suggestions including the blood tests and ice baths.  In his own words, here is 4HB'er Dale from FatHacker.

Fathacker interview with Pareto Nutrition

"My name is Dale B. I am dotcom dropout who survived the early Internet heyday bubble years. I am now a 50 year old, eLearning/tech lead for a large public health agency. I have been there for over 10 years and it’s the most rewarding thing I have ever done. Outside of work, I read, write, fly stunt kites, and play golf badly but simply love the game."

1) What goals are you working towards on the 4HB program?

My goal is to achieve a good level of health and fitness for a 50 year old. Once you hit 50, the next stop is 60. Early this year, I knew I needed to do something awesome to ensure my fitness, health, and longevity; and I’m doing that right now. Some 25 years ago, a good weight for me was around 170 to 180 lbs., I looked good and felt good in that range. My intermediate goal is to get back down to those numbers. When I get there, I’ll re-evaluate how I look and feel, and make changes accordingly. I haven’t seen 180 in a while!

2) How is your progress so far, what have you found easy, and what has been your biggest challenge?

I think my progress is going well, and I feel comfortable with the program. Most of the time, I feel like I’m walking around with a full belly. So adapting to the diet has been fairly easy for me. I guess I’m a little odd in that I never did eat a lot of junk. Sure, a little here and there, but nothing major. So the transition hasn’t been that bad.

I would say I have had two tough challenges. First was completely cutting out sugars, sweeteners, and aspartame. I liked my diet sodas, coffee with sugar, and sugar from things we eat every day. Start reading labels and you’ll see just how much sugar you take in. The first few days I suffered headaches and actually had the shakes periodically. I was able to eliminate that with a few tricks from the 4HB program. I’m thankfully over that now.

Secondly, finding time to work out, which seems to be a problem for many people. I’m still tweaking my daily schedule to get it all in. I’m not much of a gym rat, I am much more a minimalist. Walking and kettlebells is what I try to do as often as I can. Steve Maxwell is my fitness mentor.

3) What’s one tip that you would share with someone who’s just starting the program?

If I was limited to one tip, I’d say get friends and family on board, and get involved with the group online!  If you twitter, check out the #4HB hashtag and search blogs for that same tag. There’s plenty of folks who will help support you, give advice, and most importantly hold you accountable.

OK, so I’m long winded, just ask my wife. So here’s a few other tips, beyond my one tip...

First and foremost, know and understand your limitations. Especially if you are older, get an OK from your doctor. Know your glucose and  cholesterol counts so you don’t do any harm to yourself.

Prepare ahead of time! Knowing I was starting the diet, I took a pile of stuff from the pantry to the food bank to help eliminate temptations around the house.

Last one. If you blow it for a day, forget about it. Just start back up the next day! Remember, you have not blown the diet. You only set yourself back by 24 hours. Get over it.

4)  What is your favourite cheat day food?

I honestly don’t have any one food I crave. My problem is that I have always been a grazer. I’ve never been a “three square meals a day” guy. But the program is changing that for me. Historically, I’d usually just cruise the fridge, buffet, or menu and have a little of this and that. I’m just all over the place, so I really don’t get fixated on just one thing too often, even now.

5)  Who is another 4HB blogger you think our readers should know about?

Wow, good question. I try to keep a decent 4HB Blogroll on my blog. [Editor's note: He does have the most extensive 4HB blogroll out there.) I have found that everyone seems has something of value to add to the community. But if I have to choose one, it would be New John for a New Year. He’s very good about keeping track of his progress. 

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  • Wow . . . thanks for the compliment Dale. =)

    I track as best I can and try to include some of my thoughts about the process as I go along.

    says John on February 28, 2011

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