We offer FedEx Shipping

We ship PAGG with FedEx

Starting today, we're offering FedEx as a shipping option for your PAGG stack order.  If you are in the US, you will see just about every FedEx service level they offer, including FedEx overnight. This service isn't cheap but it's there as an option if you want it *now*.

For international orders, the service options are more limited.  We decided not to offer FedEx ground. Our reason behind that was because we've heard too many bad experiences with the brokerage fees (up to $50) when an order crosses the border. Invariably, one our customers would select the ground service and get a rude surprise when FedEx came knocking at their door.  For this reason, we only offer FedEx express level shipping. It costs more money but the brokerage fees are included -- which often means you get your packaged faster and cheaper than using ground.

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