5 Questions with Howard Hermes of Get Fit Stay Fit

Previously in 5 Questions, Luke Starbuck and Kate Penfold, co-creators of Four Hour Body Couple, answered question #5 by directing us to Howard at Get Fit Stay Fit. In his own words, here is 4HB'er Howard Hermes.

Howard HermesMy name is Howard Hermes. I'm an entrepreneur and speaker. I also host the websites and I'm 41 and have been talking about losing weight for the last three years and finally got tired of talking about it and started doing something about it about three months ago.

1) What goals are you working towards on the 4HB program?

My goal is to lose weight. On January 1st I weighted 230lbs, by the end of the year I want to weigh 150-160lbs and I would like to participate in atriathlonwithin the next 12-18 months.

2) How is your progress so far, what have you found easy, and what has been your biggest challenge?

I'm down to 219 currently. I have found the low-carb diet easy to plan to follow. I like the flexibility and have found some new dishes that I have liked. I also like the fact that I don't have to count calories. I often cook most of my meals on Sunday evening. The biggest challenge is that it's a lifestyle change and it's hard to undo healthy habits that has taken me forty one years to develop. I've had a few weeks were I didn't stay with the total plan. We got snowed in for a week and I didn't stick to the plan and ended up gaining 2 lbs thatweek.

3) What’s one tip that you would share with someone who’s just starting the program?

Just start doing it and if all overwhelms you do it in incremental changes. I'm making changes as I go along and doing my own self-experimentation. I'm doing the low-carb diet consistently, so now I'm reviewing the PAGG philosophy and will probably start implementing that into my program within the next month. Also, I would say have a plan for when you fail, because you will fail at some point (like I did when snowed in), but don't let your failure wreck your plan. Just get back into the program as soon as possible.

4) What is your favourite cheat day food?

It always starts of with making my daughter and I chocolate chip pancakes, and then we go have pizza in the afternoon and a cookie from our favorite bakery in town. But, I'm learning to cut back even on these days because the first few I went crazy and felt like crap at the end of the day.

5) Who is another 4HB blogger you think our readers should know about?

The blog I follow the most was featured here last week (, but another group I've been following is 4hourjournal.  
UPDATE: Howard did mention but they never responded to our request to participate in 5 Questions.
UPDATE: We invited Robert from 4hourjournal to participate but he never got back to us. <shrug>

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