The Ultimate 4HB Cheat Sheet

Four Hour Body CoupleLuke and Kat at Four Hour Body Couple are a pair of 4HB geniuses. After spending the past month and a half following Tim Ferris' protocols, they've distilled it down to an easy to use cheat sheet. On two sheets of paper, you'll find the short cuts to eating, training and all the supplements. Even after reading the 4HB a dozen times, I found the cheat sheet to be the perfect quick reference.  I'm putting of copy of this in the gym and in my kitchen and when I travel, even it is just for the weekend, I already have a folded paper copy in my pack.

It really gives you 80% of what you need in 20% of the space (in fact, it's probably more like 90/10).

Thanks Luke & Kat, nice work.

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