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Previously in 5 Questions, Fitaralla answered question number five by sending us over to A4HourBody. In his own words, A4HhourBody guy says "I'm basically a guy in Texas who has gained a lot more weight than I want to carry around with me. Tim Ferriss's book inspired me to get rid of the fat." That should certainly give you a sense of his honesty, he hasn't held back about what he's trying to do and what he's found difficult during his time on the program.

1) What goals are you working towards on the 4HB program?

I'm working toward getting rid of the 50 pounds I've put on in the last 3 years. Before the weight gain began, I was at 172, 80 pounds below my all time high of 253. Losing 50 pounds will make me feel a lot better about myself. 

2) How is your progress so far, what have you found easy, and what has been your biggest challenge?

So far I'm down 6.5 pounds. I've found it easy to eat steak. My steak/chicken/fish cooking skills have improved dramatically since getting on the diet. 

One of my biggest challenges in the beginning was finding a way to eat all the beans, since I'm not a particularly big bean fan. After trying a lot of different kinds, I've found that I prefer chili beans and black beans. 

The biggest challenge that I still have is staying prepared. I have to be sure I'm ready to eat tomorrow's meals... that I have the ingredients and that I'll have them prepared when meal time comes; for example, I can't cook chicken at work. 

3) What’s one tip that you would share with someone who’s just starting the program?

Don't give up. Even if you have slow progress, stay on track. Maybe you need to take all of the pills (PAGG/CQ) with every meal. I've been doing that and losing weight a lot faster. 

If you "quit" or have a long binge, consider it a long binge and get right back on the diet. I've had more success after a 4 day binge than I had before that binge. My one day binge turned into "quitting," and then it turned into "well that was a long binge but it's over and I'm back on track," and that turned into "wow I'm losing weight really fast!"

4) What is your favorite cheat day food?

French toast!!  I want it right now ... but I'll have it in two days and actually benefit from the increase in calories. 

5) Who is another 4HB blogger you think our readers should know about?

Brian Valentin at 4 Hour Body Zone. He's been on 4hb a while and blogging it

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