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Pareto Nutrition ships PAGG Stack via UPSStarting today, we're offering UPS as a shipping option for your PAGG stack order.  If you are in the US, you will see just about every FedEx service level they offer, including UPS Next Morning (make sure you order it before noon (EST) so our warehouse can fulfil it). This service is ideal for people who want their PAGG Stack *now*.

For international orders, the service options are more limited (overnight is not an option) but we're offering the faster service to give our customers outside of the US an option.

PAGG Stack in Hungary

The PAGG Stack in Budapest, Hungary

Here's a customer submitted photo from Budapest, Hungary. It looks like a crisp fall day under a glorious sky, the perfect conditions for an interval run and a stretch by the water.

Also, a friendly reminder that we ship just about everywhere including all 50 US states (plus Guam, Puerto Rico and any APO/DPO address), CanadaAustraliaNew ZealandHong KongSingaporeMalaysia,TaiwanSwitzerlandFrance, Luxembourg, Finland, the NetherlandsDenmarkSpainAustriaJapan,BelgiumSweden, Israel, South Korea, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, South Africa and the UK. If you don't live where we currently ship, tell us by sending us an email to or tweet us, @paretonutrition, and we'll see what we can do.

We Ship to Japan

 PAGG Stack in JapanWe've mentioned before that we ship to Japan but it's not everyday you get a picture from Tokyo with the PAGG Stack and a bullet train so we had to mention it again. 

Also, a friendly reminder that we ship just about everywhere including all 50 US states (plus Guam, Puerto Rico and any APO/DPO address), CanadaAustraliaNew ZealandHong KongSingaporeMalaysia,TaiwanSwitzerlandFrance, Luxembourg, Finland, the NetherlandsDenmarkSpainAustriaJapan,BelgiumSweden, Israel, South Korea, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, South Africa and the UK. If you don't live where we currently ship, tell us by sending us an email to or tweet us, @paretonutrition, and we'll see what we can do. 

5 Questions with Dennis Jakobsen

5 Questions is back with 4HB'er Dennis Jakobsen. In his own words, here is Dennis.

5 questions with Dennis JakobsenI am Dennis Jakobsen aka Torai, a 25 year old guy from Denmark. I am currently on welfare and have been for quite a while now, so money is tight. In my spare time (which is 24/7) i play video games with my friends, or watch a lot of tv/movies. The gaming was a big factor in becoming as big as i am now, with the lazy way of life, fast food and snacks all the time. I have been in and out of schools, educations and weight loss "classes" but never had the motivation to do anything about it, i just listened and acted like i cared. But in April it was like a little light which had been turned off all my life suddenly switched on.

I had just come home from an almost week long LAN party with pizza's chips and tons of energy drinks and I just felt like I had had enough. The next day I downloaded Endomondo (sports tracker) for my phone and went for a walk. I did the same the day after, and the day after again and have been doing so ever since. Normally I go for a walk 6 of the 7 days of the week, and I stopped eating potato chips and drinking energy drinks. (at that point I was eating a whole bag of chips a day)

Instead I started eating fruit and making smoothies - and about a month later i reached out the the community on reddit to help me buy some training clothes and shoes. I got a pair of shorts from one guy, but from my friend I met through IMBAtv (long story) I got the best advice yet (and $300 for a scale clothes and the first month of PAGG) He told me to read Tim Ferriss's book "The 4-Hour Body" well I got it on soundbook because I'm not much of a reader, but after listening to it i was amazed. My first thought was "Wow, everything he said makes sense and seems perfectly logical" so i said to my friend "I'm ready, I'm committed to this project" which was when he surprised me with the money for me to get started - so i started the Slow Carb diet on June 4th, 2012.

Q1 What goals are you working towards on the 4HB program?

My goals are losing weight, getting a better general health, improve my fitness before my vacation to turkey (haha) - and exploring the amazing world of healthy food.*

Q2 How is your progress so far, what have you found easy, and what has been your biggest challenge?

My progress so far over 23 days on the slow carb diet is that ive lost 7.4 kilo's (16.3 pounds) and my fitness level is way higher than 2 months ago.*

Q3 What’s one tip that you would share with someone who’s just starting the program?

Stick in there, it might seem hard at first but it's all about routine.*

Q4  What is your favourite cheat day food?

Favorite cheat day food has to be potato chips, and just bread, i really miss bread on the weekdays as we Danes normally have like rye bread sandwiches for lunch and breakfast rolls with jam & butter in the morning (or just toast). We normally only get 1 hot meal per day, now i get 3 hot meals per day.*

Q5 Who is another 4HB blogger you think our readers should know about?

I haven't checked out that many other bloggers yet, but i did get a chance to check out the articles from Four Hour Body Couple, and had a chat with Lucas Starbuck from the same blog and he's just really friendly and full of good knowledge.*

(Editor's note: You can follow Dennis and his progress on his blog.)

* This reflects Dennis's experience. Results may vary.

Video: Behind the scenes of the Four Hour Body Couple

Luke and Kat have both had problems with weight in the past, and so when the 4 Hour Body came out, they saw their opportunity.

They both decided to use the slow carb diet, and PAGG to help them lose the fat they wanted to, and gain the lifestyle that gives them plenty of energy, plus spare time.

In this video, they talk more about their past and how it affected their journey, as well as how they approach life and what’s important.

Together, they’ve developed the foremost resource for Four Hour Body readers, offering a full range of guides, comprehensive articles on many topics, as well as sharing their personal experiences and research to help others make positive changes in their lives. They have coached people one on one, to help them achieve their goals, and they share their tips and what they’ve learned through many different channels.

Their focus is to help people understand the principles more easily, and clear up any misunderstandings from the book. Both of them took PAGG from Pareto Nutrition to help them get the bodies they wanted.

Watch their video to learn more about their lifestyle, and what they believe:

Video: Justin gets ripped using PAGG and the 4 Hour Body

Not content with his lifestyle, Justin found what he was looking for in the 4 Hour Body, and made incredible changes to his body in a short amount of time.

His results were so good that Tim Ferriss thought his before and after photos demonstrated the impressive effect of the book best, and tweeted the photos to his 300,000+ followers.

Justin found himself motivated when his son was born; to live a healthier lifestyle and set a great example. He started working out, and eating to lose fat. His results were impressive, and his body quickly changed. Since then, he’s researched more and created strategies that work for him and his family.

Now as an inspiration to his son and wife, and many other people, he writes on his blog - My Four Hour Diary - to share his experiences with other people and help them change their lives.

Just took the PAGG Stack from Pareto Nutrition to help him lose fat while adding muscle. He trains hard for performance, endurance and good health, and enjoys eating in a way that supports his lifestyle and his goals.

Watch his story in this short video, and learn more about how he did it:

Have you experienced big changes from changing your lifestyle? Let us know - leave a comment below!


Smelling Fresh on PAGG

A 4HB enthusiast was checking out our research on the PAGG stack and she sent us an email asking about body smell and odor. It's a good thing that we don't recall hearing any feedback from our customers about odor while taking our product and thought that this conversation was too good not to post up for potential customers thinking of trying us out, or for our existing customers who take it for granted that they're kept smelling fresh.

Visitor writes:

I am currently taking the PAGG stack in individual pills. Have been having issues with odor of urine as well as smelling like garlic according to my spouse -- not appealing. I am using the brands of components in Tim's book. I've cut back to 1 pill/day of aged garlic without much improvement, and the urine smell remains using green tea and lipoic acid only.

My question is: are your components different from what Tim gave in his book in a way that might get rid of these side effects? What are your customers saying about these sorts of effects? I'm a chemist so I totally buy that R-ALA will be a benefit over the R/S stuff I'm buying now. How about the garlic-what's different from the Garlicin Tim used? If I don't have to worry about being stinky then I'm more likely to move to your single pill over juggling pills of each component.

Pareto Nutrition responds:

We use an aged garlic extract which is different from the Garlicin which Tim links to from his site. This is a bit of a contentious point since Tim links to Garlicin which is a 'deodorized' extract, but a few paragraphs later recommends Aged Garlic Extract (AGE) as he found better results with it.  The aging process reduces the odor, and most people don't notice anything from it.

ALA on the other hand does produce a strong urine odor for most people. Lipoic acid molecules contain two sulphur atoms, and many people notice a strong smell in their urine for a couple of hours after consuming it as their body excretes sulphur metabolites. Some people claim that R-ALA won't have this problem, but that's not strictly true. What is true is that by avoiding the racemic mix of ALA your body doesn't have a lot of excess (and mostly inactive) S-ALA to flush out through your kidneys. That's why we use Na-R-ALA providing 150mg of R-ALA. This would deliver the same amount as taking 300mg of racemic ALA, but the concentration of sulphur in your urine will be a lot lower and may even be undetectable.

Here's a reminder for everyone that Na-R-ALA is the stabilized form of alpha lipoic acid. We use it in our capsules, providing the best bio-availability. If you're considering trying PAGG and don't have it in your stack, you may not be getting the full benefit. ALA degrades quickly when exposed to air and heat (such as during the extreme compression used to make tablets) so be very careful about what you put into your body and make sure that you're losing fat, and not just giving off a foul smell.