Smelling Fresh on PAGG

A 4HB enthusiast was checking out our research on the PAGG stack and she sent us an email asking about body smell and odor. It's a good thing that we don't recall hearing any feedback from our customers about odor while taking our product and thought that this conversation was too good not to post up for potential customers thinking of trying us out, or for our existing customers who take it for granted that they're kept smelling fresh.

Visitor writes:

I am currently taking the PAGG stack in individual pills. Have been having issues with odor of urine as well as smelling like garlic according to my spouse -- not appealing. I am using the brands of components in Tim's book. I've cut back to 1 pill/day of aged garlic without much improvement, and the urine smell remains using green tea and lipoic acid only.

My question is: are your components different from what Tim gave in his book in a way that might get rid of these side effects? What are your customers saying about these sorts of effects? I'm a chemist so I totally buy that R-ALA will be a benefit over the R/S stuff I'm buying now. How about the garlic-what's different from the Garlicin Tim used? If I don't have to worry about being stinky then I'm more likely to move to your single pill over juggling pills of each component.

Pareto Nutrition responds:

We use an aged garlic extract which is different from the Garlicin which Tim links to from his site. This is a bit of a contentious point since Tim links to Garlicin which is a 'deodorized' extract, but a few paragraphs later recommends Aged Garlic Extract (AGE) as he found better results with it.  The aging process reduces the odor, and most people don't notice anything from it.

ALA on the other hand does produce a strong urine odor for most people. Lipoic acid molecules contain two sulphur atoms, and many people notice a strong smell in their urine for a couple of hours after consuming it as their body excretes sulphur metabolites. Some people claim that R-ALA won't have this problem, but that's not strictly true. What is true is that by avoiding the racemic mix of ALA your body doesn't have a lot of excess (and mostly inactive) S-ALA to flush out through your kidneys. That's why we use Na-R-ALA providing 150mg of R-ALA. This would deliver the same amount as taking 300mg of racemic ALA, but the concentration of sulphur in your urine will be a lot lower and may even be undetectable.

Here's a reminder for everyone that Na-R-ALA is the stabilized form of alpha lipoic acid. We use it in our capsules, providing the best bio-availability. If you're considering trying PAGG and don't have it in your stack, you may not be getting the full benefit. ALA degrades quickly when exposed to air and heat (such as during the extreme compression used to make tablets) so be very careful about what you put into your body and make sure that you're losing fat, and not just giving off a foul smell.  


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You Need A Support System

Guest Post: Brian Valentin from 4 Hour Body Zone.

Brian Valentin from 4 Hour Body ZoneYou need a support system - a system in place that is going to keep you on track to meet your goals.  But how do you make sure you have that system in place?

By telling everyone about your goals and your plans.  

If someone asks you why you’re taking pictures of your food, you tell them why.

If someone offers you a piece of cake or candy and you (politely, of course) turn them down - and they ask “why, are you on a diet?” - you tell them yes, then you tell them why.

If someone asks why you’re eating your burger without a bun and then proceeds to “lecture” you on why Atkins is bad for your kidneys - well, you listen to them, then explain what you are doing is not Atkins then explain why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Not everyone will be on board with you - some will try to sabotage you and your goals - but the majority will gladly support you, and as I have had happen, may even join you when they start seeing the difference in how you look.

How else do you build your support system?

You reach out to people in cyberspace - do a google search for blogs concerning 4HB, Slow Carb, Paleo diets, PAGG stacks - hell, create one yourself and join us - we’re a very welcoming community and we know what you’re going through.

Seek us out, ask us questions, post up some recipes (there’s always room for some good slow carb recipes!)

Head on over to Twitter and do a hashtag search for #4HB or #4HourBody - you’ll find hundreds of people tweeting about, blogging about, and succeeding on the plan (just like you will in a short 30+ days!)

When I started out back in Dec 2010 - I did three things that got me where I’m at today (which is just about 30 pounds down, and a weight and waist size I haven’t been since 10th grade - and  I’m 35 years old now).
  1. I told my wife what my plans were, what I would be eating, and what I would be doing
  2. I opened a account and created blog
  3. I learned how to use Twitter - and made some very good friends in the process.  I regularly talk with Jason (@FMFblogger) of and Justin (@justhamade) of - and the great guys behind Pareto Nutrition - (@ParetoNutrition)
If you’re serious about getting yourself healthy and feeling better - what are you doing to make sure you have the support you need?

Brian is the man behind 4 Hour Body Zone. He is a 35 year old husband and father of 2 kids (with a third on the way).  He's a school counselor and an Air Force Reserve member. He was also chubby, not “fat” or “obese” but  definitely heavier than someone barely 5’9″ should be.  His goals (as they have been his entire adult life) are to rid himself of this extra weight and fat. 

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Discount for Facebook Friends

We're buying friends today, there's no other way to say it.  We want people to like us. If you're a Facebook user, we'll give you a special discount code for liking us.  Like us now and you'll you see your discount code on our Facebook page

Plus, you'll see additional content that we don't put up on the blog, like more customer pictures and links to other sites that are doing things we like.


We Ship to APOs / Training at the Front

We ship the PAGG stack to APOs

We started serving the American men and women in service right from the beginning...though not without a little prodding.  To be honest, we didn't know if anyone would want to order a supplement that might take over a month to arrive.

Last week, our first picture from Afghanistan arrived and we were pretty excited.  We immediately wrote back to ask a few questions about training when you don't have much more than a few stones and cold mountain air.  Under the condition of anonymity, here is a small insight into 4HB done at the front line.

(pictured: Pareto Nutrition's PAGG stack on a soldier's sofa)

1) While deployed, what do you have to train with?

The challenges of training in a deployed environment can vary,  Some locations have alot of support, as physical fitness is a priority for both operations and frankly for sanity.  Some locations are no better than wall of Hesco's and a few tents.

Here fitness gets creative. Many of our people out here are doing their best with body weight only exercises, the various paths out ther from P90X to Cross fit  Etc.  Folks have flown in Russian Kettle bells,  however the price of shipping can be obscene.  Let's not talk about regular delays in mail. 

Simple cardio in my area is hazardous, the rocks can turn your ankle and ruin your fitness effort and in the case of one young man, end your deployment.

2)  How is your diet?

Nutrition is a challenge.  The food here can is less then ideal so supplements can make or break your effort.   Most foods come buried in a sauce or drenched in butter or fried.

3)  Tell us about your training goals.

All in all it's not impossible in fact the added challenges we face here make the accomplishment something to truly relish.  Coming home is of course the bare minimum goal, Coming home leaner stronger and faster, now that's truly something. Conditions here are set to improve more equipment is on the way, facilities are being constructed so it's really not all doom and gloom.  Hard training in a hard place makes for Hard men and women.

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Introducing PAGG Stack 2.0

Response to Pareto Nutrition’s PAGG Stack has exceeded our expectations. We set out right from the start to create the best version of PAGG that we could, using the very best ingredients and you’ve responded with great enthusiasm.

In addition, our return rate has been extremely low. Despite our industry-leading 110% guarantee we’ve only seen a couple of return requests.

So why mess with success you ask? Sure, a lot of supplement companies would rest on their laurels and spend their time pressing lawsuits against the imitators. But standing still is not Pareto’s mission, and it never will be.

The PAGG Stack has been improved in three significant ways.

R-ALA: not your dad’s ALA

Note: the formula has been updated yet again since this article was written, we now include stabilized Na-R-ALA instead of regular R-ALA. This has all the advantages listed below for regular R-ALA, but is also more stable, has higher absorbability, and results in a more effective product.

We hope you’re ready for a little science lesson. If you examine the research on ALA you’ll quickly learn that it comes in two varieties S-ALA and R-ALA. The difference between these forms has to do with the shape of the molecule. Even though all ALA molecules are built with the same components, they differ in one critical aspect: they are enantiomers; that is, their atoms are arranged in a mirror image of each other.

The PAGG Stack with R-ALA

An easy way to think of this is to compare your left and right hands.  The both have the same number of fingers, yet the thumbs point in different directions. For most of us one hand tends to work a lot better than the other.

Only the R-ALA form occurs naturally. In fact, S-ALA never even existed prior to 1952 when it was chemically born in a University of Illinois laboratory.[1] ALA was synthesized using a process that produced both S-ALA and R-ALA in a 50/50 mix. This is what chemists refer to as a racemic mixture.

The vast majority of early studies on ALA were done using the R-ALA/S-ALA combination. These were the years when scientists discovered the essential role that R-ALA plays in cellular metabolism[2]. It took decades to discover that R-ALA is the biologically active form of ALA that is responsible for the positive health benefits they had seen in hundreds of studies[3]. R-ALA actually converts to the active form R-DHLA in the body 28 times faster than S-ALA[4] and is more quickly and completely absorbed[5].

S-ALA is generally considered safe and non-toxic. Up until recently researchers assumed that you if you simply used half the R-ALA as a standard ALA racemic mix you would get the same results. But several studies over the last decade have suggested that S-ALA competes with R-ALA in the body and may actually limit the overall effect of ALA supplementation[6][7]. According to the evidence, eliminating the S-ALA will elicit a more powerful effect. By reducing the total number of milligrams per dose you also greatly reduce any chance of gastrointestinal side-effects such as acid reflux.

Though it costs significantly more as a raw ingredient, our PAGG Stack now contains 150mg of pure R-ALA instead of 300mg of racemic ALA, resulting in a more pure, natural and effective product. With the original PAGG stack, we sought to provide the exact specifications laid out by Tim Ferriss (100-300mg of ALA per serving). While these are fine recommendations, we’ve come to realize that our customers are a sophisticated group that want a product supported by the best scientific knowledge available. That’s what this change represents.

The green tea typo

If you follow Tim Ferriss on twitter, or have read his blog post detailing corrections to 4HB, you’ll know that he has made a small change to PAGG. His concern was that green tea extract can cause insomnia if taken before bed. We were less concerned about this. We made sure that we had a high-quality decaffeinated extract and we felt the research showed that other components of green tea, including EGCG and L-theanine could even have an overall calming effect.

In fact, even with our original PAGG formula we had only one customer complain about insomnia. Interestingly, several customers found that they were getting deeper, more restful sleeps than they were used to. This has also been our experience with ourselves and our test subjects.

Still, this has to be one of the biggest questions we get from first-time customers. So we asked ourselves: if we removed a dose of green tea from our PAGG stack would it remain as effective? The scientific research and our own experience says yes[8]. The minimum effective dose[9] is still exceeded with 975mg of EGCG per day, and this falls within the 900-1100mg range originally specified in the 4-Hour Body.

So if you were holding back on ordering because you wanted the updated Tim-Ferriss-approved formula and dosing schedule, you’ve got no more excuses. In fact Pareto Nutrition is the only PAGG stack on the market that meets Tim’s exact updated recommendations.

All this in even fewer pills

Reformulating the stack allowed us make one more important change. With the old version you took 4 AGG (red) capsules a day, and added a P (blue) capsule just before bed. Now we’ve combined garlic, R-ALA, and biotin into a new blue capsule (PAG). The new dosing schedule is to take a single red pill with 3 meals during the day, and take a single blue pill just before bed. It simply could not be easier. No other PAGG stack can claim to reduce your pill burden like this.

Take a single red pill before 3 meals, and take a single blue pill just before bed. It could not be easuer (pull quote)

Our original PAGG stack has been a runaway success. If you’ve still got some of the original product, rest assured that it's fine. The new PAGG stack replaces the original and improves it by refining the ingredients, reducing any chance of side effects, and making it even easier to take PAGG than it ever has been before.

You can order the improved PAGG Stack today and it will start shipping on March 21st. Since we're backordered we're also extending free shipping to anyone who orders 2 or more months right now, to anywhere we ship in the world.

[1]Hornberger CS, Heitmiller RF, Gunsalus IC, Schnakenberg GHF, Reed LJ. Synthetic Preparation of Lipoic Acid. J. Am. Chem. Soc. (1952) 74(9) 2382-2382. DOI: 10.1021/ja01129a511

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