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Get the exact recommended dose. Pareto Nutrition offers exactly what you need to get with the PAGG program in one simple package. In two bottles you'll have a one month supply of everything you need to start riding the four horsemen of fat loss.

Every generation takes from what came before, and makes it better. It was only a few decades ago that doctors prescribed amphetamines to help people lose fat. It worked but was not without side-effects. In the nineties bodybuilders relied on the famous ECA stack, but that had its own drawbacks.

There are plenty of supplements that science has proven support fat loss. You can take any of these alone and get good results, but the nutrition game is all about synergy. You need to add 1 and 1 and get 3. You want something that works as well as anything else ever has but also includes healthy ingredients that are safe.

The PAGG Stack

In The 4 Hour Body, best selling author Tim Ferriss reveals the incredible results he achieved by combining four ingredients well-known for their fat loss or cholesterol-altering effects. More importantly, they are all-natural ingredients known for their health promoting effects. Could this be the stack that sets the standard for the next decade? The only way to know for sure is to try it yourself. "Ok, hand me the red pill," you say, "I'm ready for it." And that's where the trouble begins.

How do you try it? Do you just buy the products that are linked to in the book? You'd need a spreadsheet to figure out how many bottles of each ingredient you need and how much it will cost you. Let me save you some time.

It's true that you'd have some supplies left over for the next month so we've done the math for that too, and it doesn't get the savings you'd expect. A two month supply would cost you $162.37.

Supplement Retail Price
/ Bottle
/ Bottle
Price to Cover
One Month
Policosanol $15.99 90 3.46 1 $15.99
Alpha-Lipoic Acid $17.99 120 1.15 1 $17.99
Green Tea Extract $21.00 100 0.96 2 $42.00
Garlic(allicin) $11.95 90 0.87 2 $23.90
Vitamin B complex $11.55 100 3.85 1 $11.55
TOTAL 7 $111.43

You've already decided to test drive PAGG, and now you have a choice. You can order seven bottles for a one month run, learn how to swallow a handful of pills at a time, and have your friends wonder if you're operating a Mexican pharmacy in your kitchen. Or you can keep reading.

You're not a bio-chemist, a pharmacist, or a bartender, so why would you mix your own fat-loss cocktail?

Outsource the Stack

We've taken the guess work out of the formula. With Pareto Nutrition's PAGG stack you get two bottles with the exact dose you need for a full month at price you can manage. Why take the long road to a ripped physique when there's a short cut?

It's easy to miss something. Does your green tea extract really contain the right amount of EGCG? How about the caffeine level? With some green tea products you'd be adding the equivalent of 3 or 4 cups of coffee a day if you're not careful.

What about the garlic extract? You'll find different products use different methods of extraction. We use aged garlic extract (AGE) which is what got Tim the best results. It also doesn't give you garlic breath the way a lot of extracts on the market will.

Our Alpha-Lipoic Acid is the purest we could find, but did you realize that ALA at the doses recommended will limit the ability of your stomach bacteria to produce Biotin? That's where the recommendation to 'ensure adequate consumption of B-complex vitamins' comes from. We've included a healthy dose of Biotin in the supplement to make sure you don't develop a deficiency.

We've assembled the ultimate stack using the highest quality ingredients we could find. This supplement follows the guidelines in The 4 Hour Body to the mg, but we've also taken some of the guess work out of it for you, adding the B vitamin Biotin to correct an imbalance caused by taking high doses of ALA.